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Welcome to the world of Devil May Cry. Here, you will be able to walk in the middle of the worlds of humans and demons, fighting for the side that you most like, the good or the bad one.
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 Hell has Arrived! (Boss Battle)

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PostSubject: Hell has Arrived! (Boss Battle)   Thu Oct 08, 2009 2:39 pm

Boss Battle
Hell has Arrived!

Hell Vanguard
Hell Pride x??

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The first ever Boss Battle. Anyone is welcome to join, there is no chance of death this time around, but usually there will be. I will accept a maximum of three participants as this is a relatively weak Boss in the Devil May Cry series, I don’t want an army of Demon Hunters to just decimate the Boss. The first three to post get those limited spots. After that, please keep to the same post order, thank you.

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An invasion! Anywhere you were to look, you’d see the same thing; chaos.

The usual peace of the Residential Area was broken, Demons began to spread from a location not too far from the infamous Demon Hunter’s shop; ‘Devil May Cry’. The vile creatures split up and darted it off in various directions, countless Demons wielding scythes destroying anything in their path. It would be impossible to determine any number of them, spawning at an incredible rate; three, six, nine, twelve, off they went. Each and every one of them cutting down what they could and smashing all they were capable of breaking. The ear-piercing sound of women and children screaming was overwhelming as they ran for their lives.

One Demon floated in the center of this chaos, holding it’s own scythe behind it, laughing in a high-pitch tone. This was the one causing all this, summoning the weaker ones here, a Hell Vanguard. Though, this was a particularly unique Vanguard, one of a kind. A Demon with it’s own free will. This was no minion of another, but a liberated creature. One with only one thing on it’s mind: the destruction of the Human World.

“All of these pathetic Humans will be hunted down and exterminated! They will be beaten, strangled, and crushed! Slashed, stabbed, and impaled! Slaughtered and executed without mercy!”

The Demon called out to all it’s minions, phrasing it more of a statement of fact rather than an order. Each of the fiends turned it’s head to the sound of their master’s torturous voice before turning their attention to the Humans. Rapidly accelerating towards them, the Hell Prides’ raised their scythes as they chased the Humans that tried to flee their grasp. Only a few men stayed in an attempt to fight the Demons. But, it was to no avail. The Hell Vanguard’s wish came true. The ones stood their ground were ripped apart and annihilated without hesitation. They didn’t stand a chance against these creatures, they weren’t Demon Hunters, they were caught unprepared. What these people needed was a few professional Demon Hunters to save the day…

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PostSubject: Re: Hell has Arrived! (Boss Battle)   Thu Oct 08, 2009 6:33 pm

(Ha, I was gonna give some other people a chance. But you placed it near the Devil May Cry, and Dante can't overlook it now Wink )

Devils, devils everywhere. Well there went any chance of a nap. It was the screams of a woman outside his shop that awoke him from his light slumber. The first thing he noticed was the smell of devil. And it was EVERYWHERE. BANG The shot went straight through Dante's front door, presumably blowing the devil's head off and saving the woman. SLAM This time it was the front doors of the Devil May Cry getting kicked out.

As Dante looked around he saw more Hell Prides than he could ever remember seeing at once in the Human World. "What is it with you guys and having to come here, huh?" He spoke to nobody in particular, then judging his current weapons to the amount of enemies he was struck with a brilliant idea. He turned and headed back into his shop, holstering his guns and opening a safe. Inside was a demonic backpack known only as Lucifer. Dante slipped it on his back easily and walked back out the doors, a smirk on his face. He whistled to get the attention of some devils.

"Hey guys. Wanna play hardball?"

The backpack opened up, becoming an almost spiderlike appearance. He then reached back, pulling red ethereal blades from the Lucifer. They spread between his fingers, three in each hand. The half-demon flung the blades at the devils, not haphazardly either, each of the blades was perfectly aimed and detonated upon impact. And after the first volley, Dante could grab some more out of the backpack, as it had an infinite supply of the ethereal blades. The Lucifer was truely the perfect weapon when dealing with hordes like this.

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Hell has Arrived! (Boss Battle)
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