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Welcome to the world of Devil May Cry. Here, you will be able to walk in the middle of the worlds of humans and demons, fighting for the side that you most like, the good or the bad one.
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 Saraki Blackwind (Yeah, even a person as cool as me needs one)

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Saraki Blackwind

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PostSubject: Saraki Blackwind (Yeah, even a person as cool as me needs one)   Thu Jul 09, 2009 3:40 pm

Name: Saraki Blackwind

Age: 102 years old, 20 in looks.

Race: First Demon, then Human (Explained on history), making him something like Half-Demon.

Affinity: Good, but can be Neutral some times.

Residence: Europe

Battle Style: The way of fighting that Saraki belives that is more powerful and adecuated is to combine physical attacks with swords and guns with magical powers, such as a fire ball of thunders. But when he is not wasting his magical powers in fighting, he likes to perform strong ground attacks and fast stylish air attacks for his advantage. He also likes the use of guns, he says that "They have style and more stlye if I'm using them".

Weapons: Big sword and guns.

Good Qualities: He is good at hand to hand combat and guns combat against enemies. He is also good at combining his demon magical arts with his sword and guns. He likes to attack through the air, and he is good at talking with people. His economical problems are always solves, and even if he starts having a debt with someone, he repairs it fast and with style. He is usually calm, so he won't start a fight just like that against someone, except if he is attacked, and more if this person is a demon that he doesn't consider a friend.

Bad Qualities: Saraki cannot stand being for too long at water, due to some differences that this liquid and him had on the past. He has certain weakness against Demon Magical attacks, making them damage his body 15% more than usual. Even if he is a human right now, he was once a demon, and certain weakness against the holy things are still in his body. He can get 5% more damaged by holy attacks than with normal attacks. He is also good at finding trouble, because hiis is always messing with other's problems. His actitude can be cocky some times.

Appearence: Saraki has short blond hair and blue eyes, making a perfect combination of colors. His skin is white, yet there is a bit of red color on his eyes, due to the little of demon power that resides on him. He is tall, about 1,80 or 1,90 meters tall, and he is a bit thin. He uses a crystal pendant on his neck, and in his chest he wears a black and long jacket, with a red shirt, that simbolises heroism. He uses a black belt and blue pants in his legs. His shoes are some black and old shoes that were given to him by the priest of a church.

In his back is a holder for a sword, and at both sides of his chest some holders for his guns.


Saraki Blackwind was born as a demon in the Demon World, many years from the time that Sparda defeated Mundus and saved mankind. Saraki learnt a different side of the history, in which Mundus wanted to create a peace with the human world and Sparda betrayed them, killing thousands of demons and humans in that time, and imprisioning Mundus in the Demon World. He started to hate Sparda for this, and with the time, he started to hate mankind. At a young age, about 20 years old, he joined the army of the Emperor Mundus, that was intended to go to the human world once their lord was freed, and to kill any single human that could be breathing in that world. He was trained by the best demons in the place, until he managed to transform himself into a great swordman. Day by day he trained hard, so one of those days he could help his master to rule both the light and dark worlds.

During that time, he received a sword of darkness, that he liked when he was given to choose between three weapons. He choose this sword because it was the most powerful, but it could corrupt his soul completely if he weilded it. He decided to take the chance.

Saraki trained for many and many years, until he finally became one of the Elite in the Demon world. But when he was sent to an expedition to the human world, his sight of that place suddenly changed: Humans weren't terrible monsters as he thought they were... They had feeling, they they had emotions, and most of all... they were weak. It was hard to find a strong human among all of these. He saw how his companions killed human after human, leaving only a trace of blood and the corpse of this being behind. While he was walking, he heard an old man telling a story to some children, the story of Sparda: He told that this demon was born with the power of darkness, but united to the humans to help them defeat Mundus, who was trying to take over that world, no for revenge, but to have more power.

That story, changed his life. There were now two versions, and he didn't know what to belive. Did he belived the humans, or the demons? All was too confusing. He stayed a while longer, only to see how his friends killed more and more humans... He passed by the house of a mother with his kids, ready to kill them by orders of his friends (It was going to be the first humans that he killed), yet something stopped him. That woman was treating his children with love, and wasn't hitting them or laughing at them, or even hating them. His parents were never like that, and this events opened his eyes to see what he was doing. He was trying to kill inocent creatures... He now knew, that the demon side was the evil one, and the human side was the good one.

When he realized, he quickly went to a nearby church and walked in through the main door. People started to scream and to shout by his figure, all of them except for the priest. The man slowly asked what were his intentions, and he said that he wanted to start helping humans and to save them from all the demons that roamed around. The priest smiled, and let him stay on the Church to live.

People in town were grateful to him, yet they didn't trust him enough to talk or to even walk near him...

One day, in the church, he was praying to God so he could save him, when someone opened the door behind him. He turned around quickly, to see a man using white robes and making all the place to shine with an incredible light. The man asked him against who he was, and he quickly said: "Mundus and the Demons". This man then said, what would he like to be right now, and Saraki simply said: "A human". When he said those words, he looked at himself, and he had the body of a human, the face of an human, and the soul of an human. He asked the man to transform his sword, which he did at the next second.

Now, with his new appearance and his new powers, he was ready to battle the demons and to help the humans.


Like this, but with the description above.
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Saraki Blackwind (Yeah, even a person as cool as me needs one)
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