Devil May Cry

Welcome to the world of Devil May Cry. Here, you will be able to walk in the middle of the worlds of humans and demons, fighting for the side that you most like, the good or the bad one.
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 Character Template

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Saraki Blackwind

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PostSubject: Character Template   Wed Jul 08, 2009 12:29 pm

Name: (What is the name of your character)

Age: (How old?)

Race: (Is he a human? Demon? Gremlin? Use your imagination)

Affinity: (Good, Lawful, Neutral, Evil, Chaotic, etc)

Residence: (Your character should live somewhere)

Battle Style: (How does your character like to fight?)

Weapons: (What kind of weapons does your character uses=)

Personality: (How does your character acts with other people or situations)

Good Qualities: (The good points of your character)

Bad Qualities: (He/She must be bad at something... Need Physical weakness)

Appearence: (How does he look?)

History: (The background of your character... Has he done something in their life? What is their origins?)

Picture: (OPTIONAL but useful)

You must use this in order to get your character approved.
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Character Template
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