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Welcome to the world of Devil May Cry. Here, you will be able to walk in the middle of the worlds of humans and demons, fighting for the side that you most like, the good or the bad one.
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 Short Description of Dumary Island

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Saraki Blackwind

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PostSubject: Short Description of Dumary Island   Fri Jul 10, 2009 11:28 am

The Dumary Island is an island off to the coasts of the Americas, which was discovered by religious refugees from the Mediterranean region, who were branded as heretics for continuing to believe in the old pagan gods.

Though these refugees had once belonged to tribes that had historically feuded, they were forced to assimilate to each other in the new land, and as the generations passed with peaceable cohabitation, their original beliefs blended to become new, totally unique religions. These peoples became known as the Vie de Marli. They started to honorate beings that came from the Demon World, and made several satanic rituals to show their apreciation to their "gods".

These religions were headed by the "guardians", a clan of priests who borrowed the demonic power of their "gods" in order to protect them and their worshipers.

Several hundred years ago, Sparda appeared from the Demon World to aid in exorcising Argosax the Chaos. He used the Arcana to seal the devil, and though he was temporarily trapped within the Demon world after the final battle with Argosax, he eventually returned to the Human world.

Recently, the multinational corporation Uroboros, headed by Arius, has begun to build on the island under the pretext of acquiring the "special ores" hidden within the island's mountains; however, its true purpose is to recover the Arcana and release Argosax.

Located upon the island is a European-style village presided over by an immense clocktower, a more modern-looking city built around the Uroboros corporation's skyscrapers, including a factory and an offshore oil-rig, and ancient, intricate ruins that are partially flooded and hidden beneath a sleepy garden.
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Short Description of Dumary Island
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