Devil May Cry

Welcome to the world of Devil May Cry. Here, you will be able to walk in the middle of the worlds of humans and demons, fighting for the side that you most like, the good or the bad one.
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 Weapons and Armor template

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Saraki Blackwind

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PostSubject: Weapons and Armor template   Wed Jul 08, 2009 3:41 pm

Weapons special rule:

LISTEN CAREFULLY!. You can only have 1 weapon for free. If you want to create more, you'll have to buy them with Red orbs in Guns ‘Я’ Us. If you create a second one without payment, then it will be denied.


Name: (Name of the weapon you want to create)

Type: (Gun? Sword? Again, use your imagination)

Description: (Describe it to us, please)

Effect: (Does it have any kind of special effect?)

History: (What's the past behind this weapon)

Image: (Optional, but it helps a lot)


Name: (What is the name of this armor)

Type: (Again, what is it?)

Material: (Is it made of an special material that should be named here?)

Description: (Describe it)

Protection/effect: (Of what it protects you or what kind of effect does it have?)

History: (Tell me his history)

Image: (OPTIONAL, but it helps)

AGAIN, use this, because otherwise it won't be approved.
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Weapons and Armor template
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