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Welcome to the world of Devil May Cry. Here, you will be able to walk in the middle of the worlds of humans and demons, fighting for the side that you most like, the good or the bad one.
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 'Angelo' Taro

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Angelo Taro

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Name: Caroutaro Onimaru

Age: 21

Race: 'Ascended' Human

Affinity: Lawful Neutral

Residence: Order of the Sword's Temple

Battle Style: *Sword* He fights in a one-handed sword style he created himself, he is a southpaw so his right foot's in front of the left, with his sword going across his chest, pointing at his target. His right arm is used primarily for casting spells, his actual main form of attack. His sword may be used for quick jabs, and while he'd rather dodge attacks, parrying attacks as well.

Weapons: A longsword

Good Qualities: Caroutaro is great at casting spells through his sword and predicting certain attacks, he also is great at planning things out, such as a raid on a dungeon.

Bad Qualities: He cannot predict non-emotion based attacks that are skillful and controlled, he really has a hard time with opponents like that. He also has a hard time fighting flying enemies.

Appearence: Caroutaro has a light ebony skin tone, light ebony eyes and his eyebrows arch. Caroutaro has long straight hair that almost looks like it's permed, he usually wears a headband over to prevent it from getting in his eyes. (Ignore the helm in his hands.) Under his large brown shoulder pads and cape is a regular white undershirt, with a yellow cross going across it. He has a brown belt at his waist, and baggy baige pants below, with some high brown boots.

History: Caroutaro was adopted by a man, Garouga Onimaru and his wife, Asuka Onimaru, he was raised by them, they were of the Order and they were, in his opinion, the worse parents ever. They would, even as a baby, repeadedly scold him, beat him and made him their servant, Caroutaro lived his life as what was an unemployed maid, butler, and farmer, training him for the Order as well. He would have to work to the brink of death everyday, only to be scolded, yelled at and unappreciated. This went on until Caroutaro turned to the age of eleven, where he carefully planned the death of his parents. Little did he know, this was only a process known as 'Ascension' where he could become an angelic warrior for the Order, but he had no idea how to use this form.Due to prievous actions, he ran away from his home, the Temple, and thefollowing years began his TRUE life.

He became wealthy, becoming a bounty hunter, thief and contract killer. Caroutaro, due to lack of proper schooling, couldn't get a real job, so he resort to killing, pillaging and stealing for money. He'd come to own a house and never got caught doing anything illegal until one day one of his clients told law enforcement officers about him, in which he had to kill twenty officers, he was to leave the town. Caroutaro ended up building a home in the outside of the town he used to live in, in the forest, there he continued with his own operations. He thieved and pillaged, becoming more money hungry than ever, he saw the world as a big place, and he lived there as a small person, so he decided to swap the positions, and began sceming a plot, to rule the world. Caroutaro realized he would need accomplices, so he set out to find other powerful people to help him out and make the world pay, for there are more demons in the living than the dead.




Name: Shiki Energui

Type: Longsword

Description: A typical longsword, leather gripping and a curved hilt. The material is made of silver, it being pretty durable, more durable than steel atleast. Interesting and unique features include the extra reinforcement near the hilt, adding extra layers of silver to the sword to keep it from breaking in combat, it being able to take on nearly any material due to that. It also has various unknown writing on the face of the blade.

Effect: This sword can be summoned and dismissed at wield, no need for a sheath. It also can be thrown at will, like a spear, due to Taro's ability to re-summon it.

History: This sword was a modification of the Order's standard issue sword, similar to Nero's Red Queen. It was modified to be thinner, and much more durable, for a hefty price. The writing on the blade was simply some sort of signature trademark of the creator's. Regardless, this blade has been used by Taro upon first training with the Order. Throughout this time, this, his knowledge and clothes were the only thing he brought with him when he ran away.

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'Angelo' Taro
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